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SPOT works closely with patrons, corporate partners and community organizations to bring pop-up operatic performances to unsuspecting crowds in Singapore. Our programmes come in different durations and tailored for a variety of people, ranging from weekend family groups to rushing lunch hour crowds. 


We have presented performances at community centres, residential areas, shopping malls, hospitals, business centres, hawker centre and food joints.

Here are some of the more popular programmes:
Charlotte and the Time Machine (2019) is a touring community project which features characters from our production of Le 66, as well as historical references. On their way to a costume party, Frantz and Grittly bumps into Charlotte, wandering time traveller who brings them on her misadventures to witness the founding of Singapore.


Opera at Twilight (2016, 2018 onwards) is our gift to the community. This free public concert at the Singapore Botanic Gardens is our way of sharing what we do with the people who have contributed to our cause - from the photocopy shop aunties to our instrument-transporting taxi uncles. It's also SPOT's annual company get-together as we perform in full-force!

Blast From the Past! (2016/2017) is our very first touring community project. Celebrating Singapore's multicultural diversity, performers donning 1940s attire present sounds of the local neighbourhood through popular operatic arias and classical songs. Cats will love this one.

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